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Originally Posted by 51timber View Post
I have a 2003 x30. I LOVE IT. Its not as uncommon as you might think to hear someone pushed it too far in the season and wound up with a frozen block. That being said he probably learned is lesson. Just get it properly inspected. As far as the interior goes??? Yep t was thin in those years. MC has since improved. As we speak Jim at Viper customs is redoing my entire interior.

Depending on the price... It's one heck of a boat!
I think we have the same boat.

I echo what 51timber said, it's an very solid boat but get it inspected.

That said, the interior will need to be redone with updated vinyl if it hasn't already (mines cracking). The new engine call out, shouldn't be that big of a deal depending on if it was a rebuild or a new crate motor, but I would try to talk the owner down a bit because of it (if it was me, I would).

Get it inspected, check the driver side panel with the shifter on it and all the switches. Many times from this model year, that panel had to be replaced due to bad design, but it's not that pricey if it has to be done. But if it was a hack job, you could end up with ballast tanks not working or bad throttle response.

Mine's been bullet proof outside of general maintenance on a 10 year old boat, and tbh I've had more issues with my trailer than the boat. Replaced the swing away tongue with a UFP (, and four the brakes including the brake lines......
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