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I went out this weekend and shot as many pics as I could to help with the measurements. My biggest problem with the OEM bimini is the point of contact between the bimini during its arc from stowed to deployed. As you can see it contacts my current cans. With just a little force I can get it past the front edge of the current cans. This distance appears to be 9-10". I appear to have 15" between the tower and the bimini when deployed.

These cans are mounted with the mount pushed toward the speaker grill which effectively pushed the leading edge of the can forward. The REVs are mounted more in the middle which should pull the leading edge aft.

David, as a dealer, you may have more insight than most and I certainly appreciate your input. Having seen these pics, do you think the REV10s will fit? If I go with the REV8s, can I mount them on the forward cross bar where the wire exits.

Thanks again for all your help.
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