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Originally Posted by Michigan Tim View Post
Could there be any other Dirk! Guess the gin and tonics I was referring to we're the ones he an I shared while my kids were off on their sessions
I was just giving you a hard time on the prep. Intense skiing definitely uses a combination of muscles that is hard to replicate via any other activity. If you have plans in the future to be at PLSS, let me know, as it would be great to meet. I'm only a mile from Dirk's place.
Thanks for the hard time... love taken a little jabbing about my extremeness...

A mile from dirk's place... you suck! I mean that in the most MC-loving way - I am 5 hours away. I travel for my job and I get to Fenton and Ann Arbor...unfortunately the weather has been lousy my last couple of trips. I think Dirk and his team are great. I envy his job and his workplace... In my book he has the best job on the planet..

When I went in 2010 - I did 90 minutes like I said...thought I was in great pain during the pain next day. 2 days later I could barely walk and at that time I had a 1 mile walk from the chicago train station to my office. When I found out what causes it - I try to inform as many people I can.

I'll be heading down to Liquid Edge in Illinois to get more coaching - only 90 minutes away from my front door. I wish I was closer to Dirk to give him more business.
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