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Originally Posted by 98Prostar205 View Post
I'm a 5x per week crossfitter for the past couple of year so I hope that will be enough to keep my cardio where it needs to be. Gonna focus on leg and lower back strength over the next few months. On the topic of hands, what type of gloves and liners do you guys recommend? East Tx, do you have a pic of the type of taping you are describing?
I am a Clincher convert (technically Radar's version of the Clincher actually) and I have found these to be far less callous inducing. This might be an option to consider. Kevlar glove liners where helpful but I didn't like the extra layer in there as it made the glove tight and I felt my grip strength was decreased.

I have gone to five ski schools over the years and every time I went I had issues with my hands. They would be really tore up it affected my skiing by the end of the week.

I feel it because of the warm water, getting up at each end of the lake (twice if you fell) and pulling harder than you might normally do as you are excited about being there. It is really good to plan ahead and heed the advice of people who have been there before.
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