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If you have the opportunity to ski a few times before you go down to school it would be good. It seems no matter what amount of exercising you do before, the muscle combinations used in skiing always train best when skiing. I went after only having skied locally once and I know I would have gotten more out of it had I skied a few more times just to warm up and get back in the groove.
In addition to what others have suggested I will add that you should be ready to deal with a bad case of "spray leg" if you are a slalom guy. Typically at Coble you will ski 4 sets/day (6 passes each set) and I know my rear calf felt raw after the first day. Typically you have a chance to build up a tolerance to this over time but when faced with multiple set days, your calf bruising simply does not heal that quickly. Again, if you have the chance to ski locally before going you will likely build up the tolerance.
Have fun, Coble is a great place.
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