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Originally Posted by EricB View Post
Yup, you are right. But, there may of been a few stray early 83's with the rounded windshield too. The only way to be sure is VIN. BTW, if it's not a slot (in 83), it has wood stringers.
Umm, I had an 83 slot with wood stringers, not sure if I understand what your saying.
The boat Has most of them
Features of a 80-81. The dash, interior are give always. It also looks like it has a closed front with no storage. I agree on the motor box, it could be a very early 82 ( left over 81). My 82 (as we're most) had the deluxe interior, newer dash and the mirror that folded down into the glove box. It had storage up front but the seat didn't flip up to gain entry.
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