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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
What is acceptable for airline travel? I see a lot of padded bags for $70-150 and a sport tube case for $200.

I've read to wrap towels and stuff around the ski in the bag.

I've also heard some horror stories about baggage folks, and don't want to be one.

Does this count as a checked bag or will it be oversi$e?

Any tips / thoughts?

I've taken snow equipment on airlines. Rules vary by airlines so you would need to research the one that you are looking to travel on. Some rules allow you to take various sporting goods but prohibit you from packing anything along with them (you may get away with it, just depends upon the person checking you in). They still count as a checked bag if allowed; the rules allow you to get around standards dimension limitations and associated oversized baggage fee (not always weight depending upon the item). Beware of buying an ticket via one airline but flying another (e.g. Buying through United and then flying on US Airways) as the rules of the actual airline you are flying will apply not who you purchased the ticket through. They will usually eliminate their liability on the equipment. For example, see United's rules - IMO if you are looking for maximum protection, then look at using something that is a hard sided case.

Oh, beware of small commuter airplanes that may prohibit anything oversized.
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