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I think that some options are one of three things:

1. Standard with 2013, IE zeroff with pro pkg, perhaps dual batteries (I'd double chk) so not listed on the build site. Mid ship cleats, again ask to be sure.

2. Discontinued. Tower cams are gone, but who knows they may come back.

3. The option is new or just doesn't get listed as it is low production order. The pin style fenders as an example. iPod video connector cable.

I spoke to an Ilmor rep at the Toronto boat show, she confirmed that variable valve timing on the 6.0 L gives it nearly identical power to the 6.2 up to about 4k rpms, after that the 6.2 lights up and outperforms the 6L. That is a repeat of what someone else said a month ago...i just happen to double check it.

There is no replacement for displacement. It's your money, your boat, you will save gas and you'll never second guess it after the fact.

Likely the fact that you're surfing that created the desire to bump up. Overkill, maybe...but I haven't compared them in the water - so my opinion is just from discussions and hearsay at best...

More empirical evidence ...Everyone person that posts anything about their 6.0 and 6.2 - has nothing but love for them. The folks with 6.2's are not posting "I'll get a 7.4 next time" and the folks with 6.0's don't seem to crave a 6.2... Some have bumped their 5.7 to a 6.0 in their 2013 upgrade.

Back to your upgrades - if you tube or ski (sorry for the hard cores that don't like those words so close together) a ski pylon would be advised.
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