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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! The mid-ship cleats seem pretty awesome, will definitely look into that with the dealer (hadn't heard of that option before).

The heater and hot shower options are interesting, honestly, before I went shopping, I had no idea such an option existed on a boat. Until now, being a little cold on the boat has been a right of passage - I guess I brushed that option aside as an un-needed excess. Thinking about it now though, I imagine they would probably be one of the most well used options - we're up in the Muskoka area of Canada, so it gets pretty cold other than 2-3 months of the year.

We don't do much dawn or dusk boating, so will probably leave the extended lighting options - although that underwater lighting looks awfully cool.

Have the ZFT4 tower with the Pro Package. Interesting recommendations about the mirror, I hadn't heard of the one you guys mentioned, will take a look at it.

Regarding the choice of the 6.2 - I had originally bumped in up to the 6.0, but ended up going to the 6.2 because of the weight difference (we do a fair bit of skiing), fuel efficiency and the nice-to-have power. I suppose I would have been fine in the 5.7, but liked the idea of going to some newer technology, and I didn't want to worry about power availability with some additional sacs in there. 4400lb boat with I'm eventually ~2,500lbs of balast and passengers seems like a lot of weight.

I went with a grey, navy and white color scheme. Interior and exterior photos attached from the online builder. I also attached two seat photos I found that I really liked and wanted to emulate.
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