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Originally Posted by jeff shelton View Post
Definately props will make some difference but I've owned the 02 X7 with the 310hp predator engine and a 03 197 with the 6.0, based on my experence with the previous models and engines I think I would prefer to have the 6.0. If and when I do get serious about purchasing I will definately look at any with the ltr or mcx due to the limited to no availability of one with the 6.0
I would love to foot behind a 209 w/ 6.0 to see what it is like. I love footing behind mine, just need a long rope, at least 85-90 ft. With just a driver or one other person the boat is so quick I can stand up as fast as I want.

Neighbor has a X9 with MCX, doesn't really seem any faster than mine. Need to foot behind it for the comparison.

X9 is perfect boat for me- room for a small crowd, plenty of wake for scarecrows and back rolls, and plenty fast for 'footin.

Nothing wrong with two boats though
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