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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
This is a great teaching opportunity.

Go and challenge the suspension - but bring the child with you. Make sure you're prepared, and keep your cool. Ask why curiosity is being stomped on, rather than action. Let them try to explain it.

Then, when they uphold the suspension (which, in the currently PC environment they will), explain to the child that, sometimes, government bureaucrats are *#$#(__#( idiots, and shouldn't be trusted as the absolute guardians of, well, anything. Make sure they understand that what they did was fine, but even so there can be consequences.

And, during the suspension, make it slightly unpleasant (room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc), but also make it a celebration of intellectual freedom - take them to the park, to the local amusement park, whatever. Let them know that curiosity and intellectual pursuits are great things, even though some of those pursuits are frowned upon in current society. Take them someplace slightly dangerous (Burning Man) to let them know that there are people outside the mainstream.
These are some of the problems that the classrooms are can't make rules because someone out there will be offended. Sure there's curiosity....left to their own devices every Grade 6 boy would like to explore their curiosity of porn while sitting in the classroom. Oh wait, you might want that rule followed right?

Celebration of intellectual freedom is great so long as you follow a few rules/guidelines. If you don't want to follow the established it on your own time.

The one thing I find so prevalent in today's society is that everyone wants their kids to be able to "express themselves", to "do it their way", and to challenge authority at every turn. Well guess what...some of these douche kids end up graduating and come to me looking for employment. I'm then stuck with these kids on my staff who don't want to follow the policies and think it is okay to campaign against any authority....because their whole life they've had parents telling them that no one can tell them what to do and then they have their parents go to battle for them.

Time to teach our kids that they need to be responsible and if they screw up...there might be consequences. We are not teaching them anything if we run to their aid every second and fail to teach them to intelligently respond to occurrences that may seem unfair!!

Ever seen one of those stereotypical "hockey parents"???? You know, the crazy ones that scream and yell at the ref and get into fights in the viewing area. Yup...keep trying to fight your kids battles and make societies problems exponentially worse!

Of course....just my opinion...carry on
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