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Long push from OFF, ACC, or ON will engage the starter. To re-engage the starter, you have to drop back to OFF or ACC first.

Since there is no "engine running" signal, the control module assumes that the engine is running if the starter has been engaged (even just momentarily). This prevents you from engaging the starter again unless it is cycled to OFF or ACC.

The video isn't a complete demonstration. I made that last summer just to show a friend which is why I didn't actually start the boat and go through all of the sequences. I'll make a more complete video once I de-winterize .

Originally Posted by JDC View Post
Does a long push from Off or Accy, engage the starter?
I see in your video example that a long push from Run (w/engine off), engages the starter; I was just wondering if you can go straight to starter engage from Off or Accy?

Then I was thinking that programming this to go to full off from Run (w/engine running) with a long push, would need a signal that it's running. Otherwise a long push from Run would engage the starter, again. Am I seeing this correctly?

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