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Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
I'm originally from Saskatchewan. First world junior hockey championship I remember, Steve Yzerman was a standout. Decided then that he was my favourite player(I was 5). Followed him with the Peterborough Petes to the "Dead Things" of the mid '80s. Been a Wings fan ever since. A model franchise that has always had an exemplary captain as long as I've followed them. Their owner believes in winning more than making a buck, believes in putting a quality product on the ice and the diamond (too bad he doesn't own the Lions lmao), so I've never had a reason to change teams.
Totally understand - Yzerman was a great player, agree on your comments.

I was a Whaler fan (I was born in Conn and follwed the Whalers) we know what happened there. Preds opened shop in 1998 two years after I moved to town, so here I am. The Preds have done a lot of good for the community, before - no hockey for kids - now there are many many teams for youth development, many doors have been opened for opportunity in a quality sport. I have a good friend, his son is being scouted by JR teams from Canada.

Season starts tomorrow...we have the NEW Jackets (as they are being called) coming to town.
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