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Originally Posted by 95barefoot View Post
Here's a boat in that went up on craiglist a little while ago, he originally had it priced @ 12900, but dropped it to 9900. I thought this was the deal of the century, and was gonna snap it up in a heartbeat. Went to see the boat, and I wanted to cry. It looked like it sat on the bottom of the bay for a while after storm Sandy decimated the NJ shore late last year. Needless to say I didn't buy it, and since it's still posted it maybe still avail ? I was considering offering 4K but I really don't want to take on this type of project. The hull is the only thing nice on this boat, that rest of it is "TRASHED"
Chief46 bought that boat I believe, he started a thread. Without seeing that bought I still might have bought it.
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