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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Yeah really! Had 18mi on it when I pulled it off the deck that morning. Newest anything with an engine I've ever owned! This happened 2 mi later. Actually no damage to anything except my pride and slight bumper alignment req'd. Got lucky. I was following some guys in "the back way". Had a couple sleds beached where the line up the hill was, so I picked another line.........hard snow, it hooked up like mad and I tail walked it into the tree! So the sled actually hit vertical and kinda stuck there in the tree like I hung it off the front bumper. Pic was after I drug it backwards off the tree.
Fun stuff, but I waspretty rattled afterwards.
Regarding the weather, yeah my buddies in the midwest are pissed. No snow all the way up into the UP.
Glad to hear you were OK and the sled didn't fair to badly. That would hurt seeing your new sled literally up a tree. Put a few extra miles on for us as things don't look to be improving anytime soon for the local trails and the closest ones in the UP are really a couple decent storms away from being worth the 8 hour haul. I am guessing by mid-February they may be good but that can change rapidly as the lake is wide open from what I understand and lake effect can dump a lot of snow in a hurry.
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