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A 1 amp charger (1 amp * 14.4V = 14.4W) won't be enough to charge your batteries if they are significantly discharged - the 100 amp-hour capacity battery David refers to above would take at least 100 (and probably closer to 120) hours at full output to charge the battery. A solar charger only puts out it's rated power in full sunlight - meaning at noon, in June, with the panel oriented to directly face the sun. At other times and in the winter, the panel will generate less power. So, let's assume summer, and 6 hours a day of "equivalent full sun". That 100 (or 120) hours of charging is going to take 2 to 3 WEEKS to accomplish.

If you want to solar-charge, your best bet is going to be something like this mounted at your storage area. Even then, it'll take several days to charge the batteries from full discharge. You'd need several panels (and a 20Amp charger) to get it down to a one-day charge.

It's hard to beat wall power running 24 hours/day for battery charging. Too bad you don't have that.

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