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For a skiing purist like me -- for now... Most of us can refit and re-power our ladies for a fraction of the cost of new. I am not competing in slalom or all I need is a nice hull, a driver and motor... (yes a spotter too...)
Kind of my point though. Not to be too stereotypical here but traditionally the ski guys have a few years on them.....the options are endless for cheaper boats. Usually the older guys have saved the $ and become more financially stable than the younger demographic who wants to wakeboard/surf. I'm in the middle b/c I couldn't afford an MC til I was 25/26 and it was an older ps. Seems to me every company would be gunning for the younger crowd. Who are your brand loyal fanboys gonna be for the next 30 years? Entry level is how you hook someone. If you are young and can afford 100k go for it. I hate you and I hope you stump your toe but I just don't see that demographic being as large.
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