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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post

Dear MC,
I'm going to the boat show in a month. As a loyal customer I expect an answer by then or I'm gonna start slumming with the girls that put out.

LOL thanks for that. Hey the 100k+ boats will depreciate more b/c people know they have problems. OMFG I'm on the floor laughing. Maybe I'm completely out of place in saying what I've said on this board and I'm sure MC doesn't appreciate my opinion but I really don't care. I'm brand loyal but my wallet isn't. At some point soon I'm gonna buy a new boat and traditionally my wallet wins the argument over what I buy. I can't see a touch screen 70' behind the boat!

BINGO! The economy is not getting better no matter what Obama says. Sales have got to be hurting with these kind of % jumps in price.
Obviously MC not marketing to us who don't fit the demo graphics and segments they are targeting. There are many players out there and if you're shopping with your wallet you will make different choices.

For a skiing purist like me -- for now... Most of us can refit and re-power our ladies for a fraction of the cost of new. I am not competing in slalom or all I need is a nice hull, a driver and motor... (yes a spotter too...)

FWIW.....At least I was not snubbed in the MC booth like I was in the Chris Craft booth when I wanted to talk about the Lancer 20. $60K boat. I asked the rep to tell me about the Lancer - he wasn't talking with anyone else booth was empty...His words.. - "yeah it's over there... all the info you need is on the tag..."

The guys at Chicago MC were great even though I was not buying.
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