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Smitty, understand what is your point. That is why I choose to go with an 08 Star (as a wakeboarder I think I need exactly what it has onboard, not more), if I where a skier I would go with a classy PS 197. But the majority of the folks out there seems to look at bling (I heard that 90% of the buyers of X Stars don't really know how to wakeboard).

As I understood the Maristar lineup was the basic, classy hull. In example the Maristar 210. If you wanted more features/bling than you would choose to go with an X10 (result was to get a non optimal hull for wakeboarding (but for surfing) with all the bling that would make turn the heads of non informed people.
How they handle it today I don't know, guess it is about just choosing the right options for what your needs are.

Just as a side comment: I don't think that MC is any better re quality than other US hand made manufacturers out there as you point it out. You seem to have well studied their marketing proposals. In my point of view MC is leading re design and style, CC is better in quality and well tested products (but you can't look at them, only with darc sunglasses )

Hand made in US seems to be (in my point of view) more a downside than something they should marketing on. Unfortunately they have not enough quantity that it would be worth to install an automated production with much better tolerances and steadyness in terms of production. I remember when I installed a Monster Tower on my Prostar 190 '91, I was measuring inside the hull to get the mounting points for the tower, I was really shocked how uneaven the hull was produced, you can't see it, but by measuring exactly, you will discover some surprises...
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