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02pro - you are so correct. I had a nice discussion with the folks in the MC booth. However, they could do something to take a chunk out of the Tahoe type segment - possibly a new brand like Axis. Lexus did come come out with the Yaris. When I was in Japan I saw all the Lexus models (many years ago now) as Toyota

Segmentation good bring them some more revenue ....I don't have enough info to make an educated assessment of what it would take for them to introduce a new brand like Malibu did with Axis. But not enough market data to see if they are really missing out on an opportunity.

Anyway I love the MC's gadgets and all...This topic comes up every year here in the winter. I would love to buy new - that being said I need to make changes to get to that segment of the MC new buyer demographic - I so enjoyed the X-25 and PS pictured below.... I want both ...or a friend with an new X-25 and I get the PS214 -
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