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Originally Posted by wheelerd View Post
My experience has been that an automotive scissor or bottle jack is often not hefty enough for a boat or travel trailer. With a vehicle you're typically just lifting one corner. With a trailer you're lifting the whole side of the unit, ie. much more weight.

I carry one of these in my Yukon since I often tow a 28' travel trailer as well.
You just wedge it under the axle, pull forward a bit, and the jack rotates under the axle and lifts it up. I place a chunk of old carpet between the jack and the axle so it doesn't scratch the axle.
I guess things weigh differently in Canada (sun angle, gravitational force, maple syrup ratio, or some such thing), but my Craftsman $19.99 2 ton bottle jack somehow manages to lift my boat and trailer, which have a combined weight of 2700 lbs -- it's a mystery to me, eh.

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