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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
At one point some electronics were standard on the X series and optional on the maristar/ prostar but afaik they all would be
the same today. (Not real up to speed on the newest electronics)

I know almost everyone wishes the electronics were optional these days.
Why is this so hard for the mfg to figure out? It is like "If we dont have touch screens then we suck." Maybe a cheaper version of the MC line will come along and shock the heck out of the marketing dept... of course they will dismiss it and say it sells more because it is cheaper, which would be true but many may choose because it is simple.

You could take a 351W and fuel inject it... drop that in a nice looking hull and interior with MC quality and it would sell... Look at how many extra parts are on the 214 compared to a '93 S&S... there are brackets and covers, sensors...
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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