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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
Winter here has 55F water and air temps of 65F - pretty tolerable by most people's standards. I have no problems in the water with a 3/2 wetsuit, but I get cold in the boat, especially my feet. I'm looking for suggestions. What do you all do to keep your feet warm?

Today I tried keeping my wetsuit half on, but pulled it down to my waist, wore a hoody, and put on socks and wore what amount to slippers. It wasn't too bad, but the wetsuit gets cold (wind causes evaporation on the surface making it cold) and continues to "leak" water for awhile making the socks wet, plus people in and out of the boat make the carpet wet. Wet feet = cold feet, however.

I think next time I'll go to the effort of taking the wetsuit all the way off in between sets. It;s a little bit of a pain, but sweatpants would be much warmer. After that, it's just a matter of figuring out what to put on my feet to keep them dry and out of the breeze.
Get some thick wool socks as they maintain warmth even when wet
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