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Originally Posted by JRW160 View Post
I have rev10s with the stock bimini. Mine are mounted on the most forward tube on the tower, and they do get in the way when swinging the bimini up and down. Instead of just being able to open the bimini by pulling it forward, I have to unclip the middle windshield mounts on the bimini, then swing the bimini back and open it, then attach the middle and front clips to the windshield mounts. I also had to modifiy the bimini so it sits back a little more when in the folded up position.

I had pro80s on the rear most tower tube, and I was able to open and close the bimini without any trouble. I think if my rev10s were on the back tube, the bimini might clear them.
just curious, why not move the REV10s to the back bar?
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