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Looks like that's changed with their latest policies..... It was listed as a line item with a value of $500K. Now I actually submitted my request with NBOA (National Boat Owners Association) through a form which had you state what you wanted and for what values. They also asked who you were currently with and have to wonder if the policies they go after are based on that. Other line items on my quote were...

disappearing deductible
wreckage removal
marine electronics
Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability $500,000 combined single limit each accident
Liability To Others
Includes Fuel Spill Liability

There are also line items for uninsured boater $500K
Replacement Cost Person Effects $1000
Watercraft Towing $500/incident
Roadside assistance

Agreed value of $45K for boat/trailer with a $500 dedcutible

I can't see what's missing,if anything it looks like I'm getting more as I didn't have a rider for personal items with BoatUS. The only thing I see that I may want to change is the medical payments as it's currently at $5K/person. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
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