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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
I hate to break the news to you, but he isn't the first to disobey his oath to uphold the Constitution. There have been many before him that have done it and many congressmen who have done it. The more I read history, the less and less favorable I look upon our past 'commander-in-cheif' and the less respect I have for the men who have held the office.

woodrow wilson is the was one of the worst offenders and the fact that the image of Andrew Jackson is on a federal reserve note should disgust americans....but not enough of them know their history to understand why.
ahhh as Cypher quoted in the Matrix..."ignorance is bliss"... my son just paid $850 for books at the University of Illinois for his second semester as junior....and that included used there's another crime... harumph!!!!

I am starting to capitulate on all this political crap - nothing why bother.... most people I talk with are clueless and there ain't enough folk on this forum to make a difference.
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