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Originally Posted by turbofresh View Post
sportscenters predictions for this year are ridiculous:

penguins and kings in the final. (are you kidding?)

they also predicted the wings not to even make the playoffs, and if they do babcock is a Saint. (WOW!)

and to top it off, they wouldnt stop talking about crosby and malkin. it was like the next coming of Christ.
It's ESPN. You can't really take what they say literal. Its all about the SEC in College football and when it comes to Hockey, Bettman's poster child Cindy Criesby is always at front. Wings are going to have some challenges. Lidstrom left some skates that can never be filled, but i believe we will make the playoffs but the run might be short. Howard was playing amazing last year. And you can not count out the Wings Offense. With the way Z and Brunner were playing together should get some things going not to mention Datsyuk in the Mix along with Dirty Bert, Helm, and Filppula. And lets not forget that unlike other teams, the Wings have cap space, so i would not be surprised to see a beneficial trade coming up soon.
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