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Originally Posted by MIskier View Post

TR knows what he is talking about he is a mechanical engineer by training and does boat restorations as a hobby. What he has said about the sealants is correct, although I would be more in favor of the 3M 4200.
TR mentions underwater gear... I would agree - 4200 for underwater gear as well - underwater gear - prop, rudder assembly, shaft, strut, shaft log.

I will agree 4200 is a better sealant then RTV... however, my chemical engineer friend got into some things with adhesives and sealants that went way over my head. He agreed it's all about work scope, application of product and surface prep - work at Los Alamos.

Anyway, I also have worked on hull repairs at in-laws summer home up in the great white north. RTV has held up and not leaked on us in over 30 years. Is 4200 stronger - I will agree yes.

What is the best way? Okay - 4200 - that enables my MCOCD
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