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Originally Posted by Voodoo View Post
Question for the group -- if a so-called assault rifle ban were to be enacted, or, if a high capacity magazine ban were enacted, what would happen to folks that currently own those objects? Assuming that there is a paper trail.

I have a slew of rifles but I do not have a high capacity semi auto model. I've never thought about owning one and don't have anything against them -- all this hoopla has got me thinking about getting one but given the current prices/availability I'll let the dust settle.

So, if there is a paper trail -- will a g-man show up at your door? Will the feds buy it back? Can you keep it? Anyone have any idea? Just curious.

I have kinda wondered this myself.

The Fedral Government would have to rely heavily on local law enforcement to collect them all. Mainly the County Sheriff's Office. Which has the power to hold their big middle finger up and tell Obama to sit on it!
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