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Mike I'd love to get a free replacement, but I bought this used, it's ten years old, been around salt water and doesn't seem worth the stress of convincing whoever made the tower to replace it. I'm hoping that the replacement part is not too expensive, otherwise I'll be resourceful and find an alternative.

Comparing the original posters crack and mine definitely indicate an issue with the inadequate welding, or the design in which all the stresses are transfered to create that distortion in the metal around the crack.
It may be 10 years old but how long has it not had an engine? jk

I wouldn't argue it. With the way the boat looks I couldn't put much blame on anyone for anything found. There isn't a ton of sweat equity in that boat but it will be what you want when you get done with it. Mine was a mess too and I'm thousands and thousands into it but it will be perfect when I get done.
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