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f you are a serious tournament skier, go with a boat that has Zero Off. The slalom pull is a lot different than Perfect Pass StarGazer, for slalom. Zero Off is GPS based, and PP StarGazer is RPM based. I had the Perfect Pass in my 2002 197 TT, but have the Zero Off in my 2010 197 TT boat. For tricks either one is fine, although Zero Off gives a better pull and can provide a more custom pull due to the letters (A, B, C) and numbers (1, 2, 3) option. Those same letter/numbers combination are also available for slalom and jump. Perfect Pass does not offer those customized settings. A1 is the softest pull, and C3 would be the strongest pull. If you are not really a serious tournament skier, then the Perfect Pass StarGazer is a great speed control. The Zero Off pull for slalom and jump, is a lot different than PP StarGazer.
The problem you are describing for the pulls with PP as compared to SG is remedied with zbox so I've heard. Zbox has similar settings as the ZO. All of this of course coming from a non skier but I did stay at a holiday inn express
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