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Originally Posted by 46Chief View Post
UGGS were made by surfers in Australia, the sheepskin lined boots are perfect w/o socks and keep your feet toasty, they may be a bit goofy looking but they awesome if your feet are a bit wet wehen you put them on...

unfortunately they've been popularized by sorostitiutes and other fashionistas.
Any cold weather surfer worth his salt may vouch that your not being gay for sporting them in a functional manner
Uggs were the first thing to cross my mind. In the 80s, nearly ever surfer I came across had Uggs - all guys, and none of whom gave a damn what they looked like. All they cared about was they were really comfortable to wear after winter surfing. I find it amusing that an item first made popular by pot smoking male surfers is now a female fashion statement. I'd buy Uggs in a heartbeat (despite the fashion statement) if they hadn't become so expensive.

Originally Posted by pram View Post
I am confused a bit though of your wetsuit getting cold, I wonder if it is a bit large maybe for you? A tight fitting wetsuit should elevate and maintain your body heat out of the water even better than in the water once it is wet. Also neoprene is water proof and wind proof
I think what's happening is either the wind is evaporating the water on the surface of the wetsuit and the cold is transferring through the neoprene or the wind is penetrating the seams of the wetsuit. I'm not sure which, all I know is my legs are colder in the boat than I was expecting. I'm sure it would be less noticeable if my feet were warm and dry.

I'm going to look into the Sorel liners - good idea. I had thought of full Sorel boots, maybe unlaced as I don't want to deal with laces.
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