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I need some input.
One of the limitations I am running into is the total sweep of the needle motor is 315 degrees. On a 3 to 50mph dial, like most of you have, the needle has to do one of two things.

1. To reach 50mph the needle comes to rest at 5 mph.
2. If the needle settles at the post or 3 mph it will not quite reach 50 mph.

How big of a deal is this? I know if I were calibrating for myself I would let the needle set at the post. I have never had a boat that would actually go 50 mph! Does yours?
The gps will actually read up to 200 mph. The limitation is the scale not being over 315 degrees. It appears that finding a motor that will cover a broader range of degrees is problematical
but I am not certain about this.

In YOUR opinion is this a problem that should be resolved before further developement?

Thank you for your input,
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