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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
It's a 12 volt power supply. The longest run is right at 60'.

I didn't think about an UPS until after I pick the DVR location. It shouldn't be a problem adding one which I'll also need to add one to my router. The software that came with the DVR has the ability to upload both stills and video when motion is detected. I'll probably just do the stills with phone alerts to motion. If I login and see someone I can also start the video upload to my offsite server. This way, if they find the DVR and disable or damage it I'll still have some video for the cops.
You could also get a camera that looks like a motion detector and put it in the room with the DVR, but has an SD card slot. That way, if someone does take the DVR, you have it on the SD card.
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