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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
I would never install a DVR without a UPS. Also, it's not absolutely necessary to buy the one with the largest reserve capacity- the difference between that and the smaller ones is the case and the battery. You can buy a replacement battery with more reserve for far less tan the difference in price and this works great if you make/use a special enclosure for the VCR, to keep it from being seen by people who don't have any business seeing it, or even knowing its location.

The DVRs I use have proprietary software and I do the setup on any computers that need access unless I can't physically go to the computer's location and in that case, the user does the setup (often with help from their IT people). I also set up their smart phones, in most cases. They also use their own software for the computers used to view the video because it has the GUI, access info and tools for capturing stills or video.

The cameras and power supply- 12VDC or 24VAC? If you have long cable runs, 24VAC is better because line loss is less of a problem. With 12VDC, line loss causes higher current, more heat in the circuits and shorter life.
It's a 12 volt power supply. The longest run is right at 60'.

I didn't think about an UPS until after I pick the DVR location. It shouldn't be a problem adding one which I'll also need to add one to my router. The software that came with the DVR has the ability to upload both stills and video when motion is detected. I'll probably just do the stills with phone alerts to motion. If I login and see someone I can also start the video upload to my offsite server. This way, if they find the DVR and disable or damage it I'll still have some video for the cops.

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