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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Oh Mark please inform this CAT that many folks have tried to show me how to drink but none have succeeded.

Example: the tool bag that tried on our deep sea fishing trip......

So Mikey

KC beer I see is 3% and TX beer is 5%. So first off keep that in mind.

Second off I drink a 12oz 5%+ beer in like 2.4 seconds not wasting a drop and can do it all night.

Third off just this last Friday I killed a 750ml of Makers Mark Whiskey and a 24 pack of Miller Lite by my self over the course of Friday night starting 9pm to Sunday morning 3am on a hunting trip. Yes whiskey, beer, and guns is how I roll.

And finally I do have some good ole boy friends that bring me some back woods TN moonshine. 100+proof and yes I can chug that too.

I'm just giving you fair warning because the last guy found himself in a very miserable state.

TRR will also warn you that I'm not filling you full of BS.
You keep up that kinda alcohol record and we'll be looking for a new ski club member to replace you with. You'll be 6' under. Brag about that kinda drinking all you want, till the one time you DON'T wake up.
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