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Originally Posted by petermegan View Post
Thanks Chuck, It is a bit like me, the farther away you get the better it looks
Tower really needs to be re anodised to come up properly but it will do for our holiday. My kids are 8 and 10 and fried last year without the bimini. My Barefoot International boom won't turn up for another 2 weeks which is a bit of a bummer.Have Fun
Our 1st year with the "new" boat, threads on the bimini started to come apart in a couple areas. We had to send it back and it took about 4 weeks to repair and return under warranty. In our area it is hot as well with 100+ F temps, many times at or above 110 in August. To do over again I would send to a local shop and foot the bill before going without the bimini again during the dead of summer. I was ok with it (I've been called a desert rat before), but my wife will never let that one go.
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