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Originally Posted by jschildm View Post
Well, its been just over six weeks now and things have been going very well. I just saw the Dr. again today and he said things were going great. I have been weight lifting 4 days a week for a 3 or 4 weeks now and my strength is doing pretty well. If anything, my weakest part right now is the hamstring from the graft. Things are going well enough they are saying 4 - 6 months for return to sports efforts, and hopefully turned lose by at least 6 months. Doesn't sound like I should have a lot of trouble skiing at the beginning of the season, other than mentally not worrying about my knee. The hardest part now is that my knee feels good, but I know I have to hold off on doing stuff I can't.

Thanks again for all of the advice and encouragement. Hopefully things keep progressing as they are now.

Keep going...just start my hammy work outs... no injuries but doctor recommended to stay healthy...I was amazed how weak I am there... I can bicycle for 50-100 miles, leg press 400+ miles, slalom for a day...on and off of course... but my back knee curl soo lot's of work in the next 10-12 weeks and beyond...

So glad you have progress - keep workin' you will be so happy when you rippin' again... I record my workouts to make sure I stay on plan... I know it's rough when you want to cut loose and shouldn't. Staying on plan really much as you want to cut loose holding back really builds the foundation to cut loose when it gets warm out... really warm out...not this 50 degree damp crap the midwest is getting...
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