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I've been running a 98 Yamaha 225 saltwater series 2 motor for the last 12 years. I use it offshore on a 22 ft Century center console. 850 hours of stone cold reliable use, best outboard I've ever owned. You won't hear many complaints about the fuel injected ox 66 two stroke motors except their thirst for fuel. I got around 10 gph fuel flow at 3800-4000 rpm and 20-22 gph at full throttle. They were actually pretty efficient at trolling speed because they shut off injectors below 1800 rpm. A four stroke will use about 1/3 less fuel but will cost you twice as much on the used market so you just need to run the numbers to see how long it takes to make up the difference. If you only go out once or twice a month it will take a long time to get the cost of the four stroke back but the four stroke will hold it's value better when you go to sell. If your merc was a carbed two stroke the fuel injected 225 will have the same or a little less fuel flow and will be a real torque monster with the 3.1 block. The 200 ox 66 yamaha is a 2.6 block and will get much better fuel flows than the merc.

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