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I have debated it, but the biggest reason I'm against it is I don't think I should reward Mastercraft (for selling me a sub-par performing boat) with another new boat sale. If I have to take a loss on my 2012, it will more likely be on a new Malibu or Nautique.

I keep saying that once I get my issues worked out, everything will be ok, but when I winterized, I noticed that my engine belt is spraying rubber again. It was supposed to be from a bad belt, but the new belt's doing it again. I also still have to get the software update.

I'm taking it 100 miles back to the dealer for the 5th time in the spring. I'm considering 3 possible outcomes:
1. I pick the boat up and everything works with no further issues, and I continue to own the boat.
2. Issues continue, and I buy a 2013 MC, only if MC steps up and I have to give them very little money to upgrade.
3. Issues continue, and I buy a 2013 Malibu or Nautique. I actually stopped in the Malibu dealer last year during my dealer visit #4. I don't think the Malibu guy thought I was very serious and didn't give me any numbers, but if I stop in again, I bet I could leave with a quote.

I think I've had more issues than most with my boat, so I'm probably ranting a little more than others. I've also got a little bit left to pay off on my 2012, so that's the other main issue swaying my decision. I want the debt gone, not increasing.
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