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Originally Posted by homer12 View Post
I was wondering if anyone has ever taken off their actuator trailer coupler, for a fixed coupler. I have an original double axle trailer under the 190 Tristar with drum brakes and surge actuator. The actuator and brakes haven't worked since I got it a year ago and I don't feel I really need them. The boat doesn't weigh much and pulls easy anyway. I'd rather eliminate actuator moving back and forth then mess with overhauling the brakes that haven't worked in who knows how long.

Also, if I disconnect the brake lines, has anyone capped them to prevent moister from getting in.

Also, here is what my c-channel trailer has to route wiring. It's like corder molding/trim and it's starting to come loose in other areas. Anyone know where I can get some more? I haven't found any.
You might want to check the laws in your state before you just disable the brakes - For me, I'd rather have the brakes. There is a reason why they are on the trailer but I'm not about to go down that path - maybe someone else will .

Also for the wiring, google "boat trailer wiring clips". A little reading provides suggestions and alternatives. Google knows all!
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