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Originally Posted by bjames View Post
The above sounds very familler. I went through that last year and ended up upgrading to new model year with a lot of support from my dealer. At the time it was a no brainer as well.

Fast forward to this year, I guess I was spooked from the experiences I had with my 2012 and decided to throw in the towel with repsect to electronics/technology. By going backwards I have a boat that is more user frendly (upgrading ballast, less systems) and walked away with a large cheque I figured if the VDIG ever crapped out, I would replace the instrument with a Zero Off unit. For my boat all the vdig monitors is Perfect Pass, Ballast and temp (Air&Water) and the other engine stuff. (I dont have tabs or wake plate) Much simpler than BIG and I can completly do with out if needed.

If you guys are getting good trad in value for your 2012, then its a good move. No different than people who upgrade their car/truck every year
Funny thing is that I feel that they had it right in 2010. The 2010 BIG is mostly just a display. Senders are in the ballast tanks. Ballast and attitude adjustment plate are still controlled via switches. The PP would be impossible to use without the BIG screen but I figure I could always switch that to VDIG or work around it another way. If I ever decide to trade the X-15 for an X-25 or an X-Star, I think I would be compelled to go the way Bjames went staying away from over-electronics. Electronics are great when they serve a real purpose. For example, the ECM does a great job of controlling and protecting the engine. Using electronics to replace a simple switch is just stupid. Sometimes technology gets you FUBAR.
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