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My story is different. While jokingly looking at a 2013 my dealer through me an amazing trade-in number.

Here's my justification:

-didn't have to pay the $500 service/winterization fee
-no winter storage
-didn't have to pay for a couple gel repairs
-was able to port over my extended warranty
-saved myself 4K for the aftermarket ballast system I was going to have put in, instead it will cost me 400 bucks
-2013 value added including new trailer, new aluminum accents, new Murphy controls, Zero Off, new platform, tracking fins
-get a new boat with 0 hours (make some money up on the back end as my future theoretical trade is worth more)
-add some options I wish I had on my 2012 (Sirius, low profile trailer, hot shower)
-avoid the possibility of having a hard time selling lest the 2012's be seen as a lemon year

So I still have to write a check but considering all of the above worth it IMO.
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