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I think you're jumping the gun on going straight for a rebuild. Throwing the battery didn't fix the problem, the starter might not be it either. You are most likely dealing with corrosion somewhere here, although it could be within the starter. When is the last time you cleaned all the battery terminals? Also a reminder to apply a little dielectric grease to these connections before re-assembly to help ward off any future corrosion.
Agreed 100%. I don't know what kind of boat it is etc but on mine it is a pita to get the starter out/in. I've jumped the gun before, spent 8 hours screwing with it arm deep under an engine, and it turned out to be a bad batt connection. Clean the terminals, check the wires, and check your voltage at the starter and the battery. If you are getting a signifigant loss you have a problem before you get to the starter. Some info on what boat it is would help also.

BTW when you start throwing parts at a problem you rarely get a solution. I've found out that it just compounds the problem 100x and costs 2x as much. Focus on basics and work up.

I put a new battery in this summer thinking it was the battery. It didn't help.
Also just an fyi just b/c the battery was new does not mean that it was fully charged and ready to go when you bought it. If you don't have a multimeter get one. They are about 13 bucks at your local hardware or big box store. I've bought "new" batteries and checked them...........not fully charged.

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