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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post
Well actually think I lucked out. A buddy of my brother that I know has been working on basic interiors for awhile now and has all the tools of the trade at his shop. Its about 3 hours down the road but going to load up the 5x8 and run them down to him. Shouldn't cost more than beer/dinner/supplies

Jim has been excellent about colors etc and ideas I'm just struggling where to go with it color wise. Its all white (no color at all) inside now so hard to mentally see it with color
I wrote 'tricks' and that's what I meant. A stapler with stainless staples and a steamer are about as exotic as the tools need to be if you had the skins made and shipped to you. If he has a steamer, it will turn out best- the foam plumps when the steam hits it and the material is a lot more supple when it's warm. A heat gun is fine, but the steamer can't melt the vinyl. With a real heat gun, you can light a cigarette or cigar.
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