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There is an enormous difference between the current draw of a Class H amplifier and a Class AB amplifier at the same power output.
Note that the AudioPipe test results fell short of spec across the board, especially on the lowpass mono section. Also, consider that these specs are taken one channel only rather than all channels driven at one time. When you load down all channels the amplifier's internal power supply output will certainly sag and the power will fall way off of the test results, not to mention the boat won't maintain 14.4 volts to the front end of the unregulated power supply. It's the difference between real world performance and bench testing.
Look, there's no arguing that the AudioPipe amplifier has value at the aquired price. The cautionary notes from several posters are simply stating that with a premium speaker the performance is only as good as the weakest link and some believe the Wetsounds speaker deserves better amplification.

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