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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
Jim, don'r,understandyour comment...clarify...

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Motors produce voltage spikes when they start and stop, as do relays and some switches. Microprocessors don't do well with these and can fail because of them. HDMI boards in AV receivers, specifically, are very susceptible to failure because of this (and it's a really, really bad design, IMO) and control processors aren't big fans of these spikes, either. Also, when lightning strikes near a building, the bolt can induce currents in the building's wiring- this is the reason lightning suppression cabling is required to be a minimum of 16" from any other electrical wiring- inductive coupling can cause a lot of damage. A whole house suppressor will do nothing for spikes/surges on the house side of the device, so suppressors/protectors are needed at the location of the sensitive equipment. Lighting systems cause all kinds of trouble, too- especially when dimmers are used and they're not the high quality type.

Data/comm, phone, AV/cable/satellite and power lines all experience problems with this, too- a whole-house suppressor at the panel doesn't do anything for surges that come in on phone/cable/satellite cabling when they're not protected and especially if they're not grounded per NEC requirements.

Repeated equipment failures is a red flag for checking into the power quality- it can be as simple as bad connections at the weather-head (lights dimming and clicks/pops when a fridge compressor starts/stops happened at my parents' house until the terminals were replaced- the old ones had dried out and the cable ends were corroded), industrial facilities causing power surges/dips because of their demand and proximity to the house, etc can cause these problems. Cutler-Hammer and other companies make a lot of different devices for removing this kind of problem- it's not the usual AV accessory companies who make the best, even though they act like they solve all of the problems with expensive boxes with pretty lights and fancy metal face plates. I'd rather have something in a plain box if it works.
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