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I understand the wet sounds are top of the line marine amps ... They syn series to me seems to just be rebranded arc audio amp...

Our boats have car engines and at times bigger alternators than some cars... We are able to a get 12-13v easy, and while idling my battery terminal meters show closer to 14v. So I'm not sure the reasoning behind saying putting a car audio amp in the boat is not gonna power the speakers.

Also, I realize the wetsounds syn4 uses a more efficient power system but saying an amp with 50amp fuses can't do 460watts rms bridges (turns out the manual states its 230x2 bridged) and the syn 4 can do 800watts bridged on 75amp seems odd?

I have had serveral audio pipe amps and they all have benched close to their rated power and to my ears and others sound great.

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