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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post
Ok guys need an opinion. Running through some options on interior and this is a wee bit beyond me. Right now have a good price for skins. Which btw I can not say enough good about Jim at Viper. He has been fantastic to work with so far with options, getting me tedious quotes, and answering my assault of rediculous questions.

So how difficult is the installation of the skins and has anyone opted to have a local shop install someone elses skins in their boat. My problem is the logistics of getting a boat 8 hours down the road and then returning the next week to pick it up. Lots of gas burned on top of having it done.
If you don't know the tricks of the trade, it can be a real PITA. If you do, not so bad. You have to have a local shop that can do this
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