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Originally Posted by bbymgr View Post
Saban is a great coach, but he is an arrogant a$$. Today on Mike & Mike in the Morning, he got sh!tty with Greeny for asking him if the door was shut on going back to the NFL. Maybe if he hadn't said "I guess I have to say it. I'm not going to be the Alabama coach", and then less than two weeks later he was, he wouldn't get all these questions.
I heard that too w/Greeny. Then he's p*ssed and doesn't even tell him thx/bye, just acknowledges Herm. Great coach, even better recruiter, just wish he would be a bit more "amicable" with the press at times. Similar to Belichick. Anyway, he's built his "organization" as he's calling it and he's staying. How he left the Dolphins was cra*. How almost all coaches leave their teams is awful. I know it's all a business but there is still integrity in going about things.
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